Kentucky Department of Agriculture warns of skimmers returning to gas pumps

SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. – The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is reminding citizens to be aware of skimmers at your local gas stations.

This is an issue the Scottsville Police Department had in 2016.

That’s when Detectives John Rose and William Francis, along with the Bowling Green Police Department, helped identify two Cuban nationals from Miami.

Skimmers record data from credit and debit cards, then skimmers use the data to steal money from cardholders.

The two suspects skimmed at least 10 locations including the Marathon gas station on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Scottsville.

Out of those 10 locations, 36 victims were from Allen County.

After a three to four month investigation, BGPD apprehended the two suspects in a Walmart parking lot in Bowling Green.

The Scottsville Police Department then handed the case over to the FBI in Miami who were looking for the same two suspects.

Detective Rose, who’s been a victim of a skimmer in Maryland himself, knows how scary it is.

KDA inspectors will be checking gas stations for any variety of card skimmers across the Commonwealth.

Authorities suggest filling up as close to the attendant as possible, using cash or paying inside.

To report possible pump tampering to the KDA, call (502) 573-0282 or email

Be sure to include the retailer’s name and location, the pump number, and the fuel grade.