Kentucky Career Center explains unemployment appointment process

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Kentucky Career Center is reopening to in-person appointments on Thursday and this is the process you can expect, by appointment only. 

Once you get to the parking lot on Chestnut Street, someone will come out to your car to check you in. You can enter the building up to five minutes before your appointment time. 

Inside, you will be checked in, get your temperature taken and encounter other Covid safety protocols. They will then take you back to your station. 

Jon Sowards, president of the South Central Workforce Development Board wants to stress that you must have an appointment- otherwise you will be turned away and instructed to make an appointment for the next available day. 

He said they hope to help as many people as possible but to be patient as they are just reopening. 

“It’s been a difficult year. We know that a lot of people need help you know. We certainly want to provide as much help as we can. What’s a little bit different about this is that a lot of this functionality and expertise resides in Frankfort, it’s just now coming back to this center. You know we’re going to have a little bit of a learning curve as we figure out customer flow, process and how we serve people the best,” said Sowards. 

Sowards said they can now see 65 people per day, which is more than they originally thought.