Johnson & Johnson Vaccine “Safe And Highly Effective”

The latest COVID-19 vaccine, a one-shot dose from Johnson & Johnson, could receive emergency use authorization by the end of the week. NBC's Alice Barr reports.

(NBC News) — A new weapon in the war against COVID-19 is now closer to being part of the arsenal.

Food and Drug Administration staffers on Wednesday endorsed Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine, releasing data showing it’s safe overall and highly effective.

“You are 85 percent protected against severe disease and 100 percent protected against hospitalizations and deaths,” notes Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, an infectious disease specialist at Boston University School of Medicine.

The vaccine could receive emergency authorization as soon as Friday, with 20 million doses set to be released by the end of next month.

That’s a slower than projected start, but the White House COVID response team says it’s still on track to surpass President Biden’s goal of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days.

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