Jennings Creek Elementary named most energy efficient school in state

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Students of Jennings Creek Elementary School are learning in the most energy efficient school in Kentucky, and the second most energy efficient in the nation. The rating comes from CMTA engineering, bringing light to all the efforts to conserve energy.

“We’re truly ecstatic. What an accomplishment. We’ve put in a lot of effort and energy into making sure the district holistically is energy efficient,” Warren County School district chief financial officer Chris McIntyre said.

Energy is conserved by the building’s energy efficient lights, kitchen equipment, and a roof full of solar panels. Jennings Creek comes up behind Discovery Elementary in Arlington, Va. Even so, that school shuts down for the summer, while Jennings Creek remains operational.

“In this school, we operate a summer literacy program and a summer feeding program where the number 1 school in the nation is shut down for the summer,” McIntyre said.

Curtis Willis, a teacher at the school, has been wanting to start an energy team, and said with this rating, now is the perfect time to do so.

“The fact that I’m working at a school that has such a high awareness of energy savings, it makes it easier to start an energy team when you have those tools already there,” Willis said.

Willis said this gives the Jennings Creek Wolves a chance to witness firsthand the benefits of being aware when it comes to the conservation of energy.

“The things you learn when you’re in elementary school tend to stay with you. For these students, if it’s normal for them to know about solar energy and geothermal energy, then that will be just part of their normal thinking. That’s definitely the first step,” Willis said.