Jace Lux to be Western Kentucky University’s new director of media relations

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Western Kentucky University director of media relations Bob Skipper is retiring after a nearly 35-year career at the university. After his retirement June 30, his position will go to Jace Lux, the current director of recruitment and admissions.

“It was very good news. I was extremely happy about it. It’s a position that I believe aligns very well with my skill set, my background, and really my passions,” Lux said, passions like telling the WKU story, now through a wider lens.

“This was really an opportunity to continue talking about and telling people about WKU in an even broader sense,” Lux said.

Skipper is well-known not only by university staff, but also by students, saying interaction with the students via social media were among some of his fondest memories.

“The Skipper Bob persona was actually developed by the student body, and I began engaging with them through social media. It was a lot of fun,” Skipper said, referring to the name students associated with him because of his WKU email address which lists his last name first on correspondence.

Skipper says while he’ll miss the WKU family, he’s looking forward to settling down and spending more time with family, while Lux experiences the thrills of working with the public affairs team.

“Jace is well suited for this position. He’ll do well. More importantly, I think Jace is going to be working with a team of seasoned professionals who know how to do their jobs, who have been a great family for me, and I think they will be for Jace as well,” Skipper said.

Lux says he’s looking forward to the challenges that come with the new job, and even more of a chance to show WKU staff spirit.

“I will continue to do everything that I can to help students and families understand how WKU will fit in their higher education plans, and I’m very excited to continue telling the WKU story in an even broader capacity” Lux said.

Lux will officially step into his new role July 1. In the meantime, he’ll continue in his current job.