Inflation hitting non-profits the hardest

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Inflation is impacting everyone, including local non-profits. 

“We’re operating on a shoestring budget anyway,” said Live the Proof board member Debby Helton. 

Many are finding themselves facing more expenses, but less donations because people can’t afford to donate as much as before. 

U.S. inflation has jumped 8.5% in the last year, the highest since 1981. Food alone has increased by 10%.

And the Salvation Army said the high food prices are hitting them the hardest. 

“We feed over 77,000 people a year and so even if you raise that up by ten cents you’re looking at another $10,000 almost of the same cost of what we were already doing,” said Salvation Army Captain Johnny Horton. 

The non-profits are the ones feeling the burden. 

“That cost is passed on to us and keeps the people fed and those that are looking for a meal…so the cost has increased for us also in those areas,” said Horton. 

Another problem is that more people, impacted by inflation, are reaching out asking for help.

“As we serve the community, we have to stretch even more because the people’s needs increase…as people have less discretionary income, their needs are going to increase, especially those who live paycheck to paycheck,” said Helton. 

With no immediate relief in sight, they are hoping for the best. 

“Our prayer is that inflation will come down,” said Horton. 

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