Increase in socially-distanced outside fall activities

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Feeling stuck inside during the pandemic? You might just need to get outside and stretch your legs. 

More people have been venturing outdoors and finding safe and socially distanced activities to do. 

“I think everyone loves this fall weather right when it hits. People just love to get outside and just enjoy the nice sunshine and everything and have some fun,” said Chaney’s Dairy Barn assistant manager Joanna Porter.

Porter said they’ve seen more people coming to their place, especially since fall began. 

“I think Chaney’s just has a really good place for people to come out and social distance and still have a good time and be safe,” said Porter. 

Lost River Cave has seen a similar trend, especially with their Halloween-themed Scarecrow Trail. They’ve had almost 1,500 visitors every day since the trail opened. 

“We have 72 acres so there’s plenty of room for everybody to kind of spread around,” said tour staff and volunteer manager Chad Singer. 

Other places people can get outside and stretch their legs include the Preston Miller Park Track, Barren River State Park and for some more experienced hiking trails- Mammoth Cave National Park. 

“Even beyond this, nature has always been a really great aspect for human life,” said Singer.  

Being outside can help boost your mood and concentration along with other things, so if you’re feeling in a funk grab some tennis shoes and get out the door.