“I Got the Shot” campaign address black Kentuckians COVID-19 vaccine questions

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Thursday, the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky launched the “I Got the Shot” campaign to address vaccine concerns raised by Black Kentuckians. 

The campaign features black Kentuckians naming and responding to concerns, with the ultimate goal of increasing confidence in the vaccine as well as Kentucky vaccination rates. 

Leaders involved with the campaign say that Black Kentuckians who are hesitant about the vaccine may have additional concerns from their experiences with the health care system. 

“We’ve had in the past, a bit of hesitancy on the part of Black citizens to really interact with the healthcare system in any way because of some historical concerns. We’ve also got access problems, access issues for them and we want to help in all those regards,” said CEO Ben Chandler. 

The foundation worked with an advisory committee of Black community leaders to develop this campaign. You can find the campaign here.