How to have a safe, not spooky, Halloween

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Every year thousands of children are injured while celebrating Halloween. Let’s make sure your child is not one of them. 

If kids are wearing baggy costumes or masks that make it hard for them to see, it increases the chance they could trip or fall. 

After dark, if kids are wearing dark costumes or costumes without reflective pieces on them, it’s hard for cars to see trick or treaters. Send kids with a flashlight or put a piece of reflective tape on their costume. Little kids should always have adult supervision. 

Pediatricians also remind families that too much junk food is not good for children…ration out their candy to enjoy it in moderation. 

“Halloween is such a great holiday but when I think about it from an ER doctor standpoint, it’s just one injury after another. But fortunately there’s a lot of things parents and loved ones can do to mitigate that risk,” said Norton Children’s Emergency Medicine Dr. Brit Anderson. 

Also if your family is carving pumpkins, have an older adult use the knife.