How to build a car safety kit before spring break travel

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With spring break travel can come unexpected car problems and adverse weather.

In the event of having your car stranded on the side of the road, Warren County Emergency Management has some tips on how to be best prepared.

“Not only look at the weather where you’re at, but look at the weather that you’re traveling through,” said Travis Puckett with Warren County Emergency Management. “If you’re going through multiple states, just look ahead a couple of hours or whatever timeline you may be following to travel. The better you prepare, the safer your trip will be.

He recommends keeping items in a kit to place in your car. This should include bottled water, blankets, non-perishable food, such as beef jerky or peanut butter, a cell phone charger for your car and a flashlight.

In addition, recommends keeping jumper cables, a map and car litter or sand for tire traction.

Above all else, emergency management says it’s best to look at the type of weather you may face during travel and to go from there.

Puckett also says in particular, if you’re in hot weather, try to find shade or safely get shelter out of the hot car. Light clothing is also helpful to have on hand in the event this happens.

Something else you should always do? Keep your cell phone charged.

A final thing to check is if your car is mechanically ready to make it to your destination. Puckett’s advice can be summarized with one goal: preparedness is number one.