Hospitality Olympics in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – It’s a day of fun and letting your hair down for hospitality workers at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green.

News 40 caught some of the competition between hospitality workers at the convention center around noon today, doing things they typically do in a hotel but with an air of competitiveness. They had a few competitions to compete in, such as bed making or soap stacking.

News 40 also got the chance to talk to Michael Nunn, who serves as president of the Southern Kentucky Hospitality Association. Nunn said in years past, the event was much more competitive than this year, regaling a trophy being passed between hotels every year in a hair splitting atmosphere. This year however, coming off of COVID, it’s more of a friendly joust.

“A lot of people left the industry when COVID happened, so we just want to say thank you and show appreciation to those who stayed and kept the doors open every day through such a tough time.” said Nunn.

With food, games and shaved ice all around, who wouldn’t be enjoying themselves? Nunn said that the organization was previously under a different name until last year, when they changed it from the Bowling Green Area Lodging Association. It now encompasses people like restaurant hostesses, tour guides and more.