Horse and buggy water rescue, animal shelter flooding, trailer park flood reported in Barren County

GLASGOW, Ky. – First responders Tuesday morning evacuated a portion of a trailer park in Barren County, animals from the flooded-out Barren River Animal Welfare Association and completed a water rescue involving a horse and buggy.

According to officials, some areas in south central Kentucky got around four inches of rain overnight.

Tuesday morning, in Glasgow, some residents of Eastbrook Trailer Park off of Columbia Avenue had to be evacuate due to flooding around and inside of their homes.

Tara Bailey, the CEO of the Barren County Family YMCA, said they opened as a shelter and housed four people until they could find a hotel to stay in.

Also, Barren County rescue teams were called to perform a water rescue early Tuesday morning after a horse and buggy was swept off of a road.

On Red Cross Road, “we had an Amish fellow who tried to cross the road there and the water washed him off. He climbed into a tree and hollered for help,” Glasgow-Barren County Emergency Management Director Tracy Shirley said.

“One of the neighbors heard and called 911,” Shirley said.

After clinging to the tree for about two hours, the man was rescued when first responders were able to get a boat out to him.

They also rescued the horse.

The buggy was later seen stuck in a tree line after water receded.

The Barren River Animal Welfare Association Animals flooded Tuesday morning as well.

Connie Greer, the director of the shelter said it was the worst flooding they have experienced there in all her time of working.

Workers followed the evacuation plan and all of the animals made it out safely and are being housed in the old Barren County Jail on Ford Drive until the shelter can be cleaned up.

“It’s hard because, you see their little faces and they were standing in water and you pick one up and take it out and the other ones are like, crying out to you like, ‘Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!’ and you are hurrying as fast as you can go to get them out. You know? It was tough,” said Greer.

The shelter is in need of bleach, paper towels, newspaper and large jugs of water.

There were also two fires during the storms, one took place on Leonard Oak Road in Butler County.

According to officials, the house was struck by lightning during the storm and caught on fire.

The Bowling Green Fire Department also responded to a structure fire on Pine Creek.

The cause of that fire is still under investigation.

Wes Watt, the public information officer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says while the sun may have come out, roads may still remain flooded for another few days.

According to Shirley, getting into swollen rivers with a kayak, to swim or canoe is not a safe idea.