Horrific Abuse: Children kept in cages, daughter buried in barn

Tennessee couple accused of keep children locked in basement cages for years, with only bread and water to eat. WBIR's Cole Sullivan reports.

TENNESSEE (WBIR/NBC News) — Tennessee investigators have arrested a Roane County couple on charges of horrific child abuse.

Court documents reveal their 11-year-old daughter was locked for weeks in an unfinished basement with little nourishment for weeks until she died, then buried in a barn on the family’s property.

Her brother remained locked in that same basement until he was released by deputies this weekend.

Michael Anthony Gray Sr., 63, and Shirley Gray, 60, face child abuse, child neglect, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse charges.

The investigation began on Friday when a young boy was spotted riding a scooter alone on the road. A couple was concerned and called 911. The boy said he didn’t know where he lived or where his parents were, but officers were able to identify him and take him to a nearby residence.

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