Homeless man breaks into local business downtown

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- On Tuesday morning, the owner of The Knotty Pretzel in Bowling Green opened her business door to an unexpected visitor. 

A homeless man had broken in and was sleeping on the couch. Chelsea Adams, the owner of The Knotty Pretzel, said she immediately called law enforcement and the police came and arrested the man.

Adams said all the doors were locked as well as the front door was dead bolted so she wasn’t sure how she got in. 

She wants other business owners downtown to be aware of people breaking in, even if they don’t mean any harm. 

“Take more precautions. Even if you’re taking all the ones, I feel like there’s more ones you can take. Obviously we’re gonna take a whole lot more. We thought we were being safe with everything we were doing but it appears like we haven’t been so I just think everybody should double check their doors and have things in place to make sure yourself and all your employees are safe because downtown does have a lot of traffic and you never know what could happen,” said Adams. 

If someone without a current residence is looking for somewhere warm to stay, there is the Salvation Army and Room In The Inn.