Helping breast cancer patients one ‘pouf’ at a time

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-One breast cancer survivor, who has been through it all, is helping other patients one ‘pouf’ at a time. 

“I ended up having 17 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of proton therapy which is radiation.”

Leslie Newsome was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in July 2020. She realized there’s a lot of things you need along the journey that you may not realize. 

“You don’t know what you need. Because it happens so fast and there’s so many things that are gonna happen to you that you’re not ready for, no one can prepare you for it,” said Newsome. 

So she started Poufs for a Purpose. Each pouf, or bag, contains necessary items for treatment. 

“Socks. Last year the Funky Bean donated coffee cards. Tissues, hand sanitizer, motivational stickers, hand lotion, chapstick, here’s the fun queasy drops, ink pen, and then a little note,” said Newsome. 

Last year, Newsome gave out over 300 poufs to area hospitals for breast cancer patients. 

“Right before my chemo she came over with a pouf for me.”

Vonda Chalfant just finished her last round of chemo and is now starting radiation…the pouf came with her to every hospital visit. 

“Mine has an arrow which is significant to me because struggles kind of pull us back and pull us down, but an arrow pulled back is always moving forward,” said Chalfant. 

Both women said breast cancer patients form a tight knit community…and that’s what helps them get through it. 

“The doctors and nurses only tell you so much but I find that the women who have gone down this road are really happy to tell you their story, what worked for them or did not work for them and what to expect,” said Chalfant. 

Newsome has a goal of 400 poufs this year. To donate or sponsor a pouf, email Sponsoring a pouf is $30 to go towards the items inside.