Heartwarming Harvest: Neighbors Come Together For Grieving Family

(KARE) For a farmer, there’s as much love for their community as there is for their land.

“We all love each other and we help our neighbors,” says farmer Zach Johnson.

He says nobody understood that better than his Lowry, Minnesota neighbor and friend, Norman Johnson. The man who farmed on his land for about 60 years. The man who loved his combine.

“That was his happy place,” says son Lyn Johnson.

Lyn, and Norman’s daughters Lori and Karin, could go on and on about him.

“He was just that kind generous, warm, people used the word warm, and welcoming person,” says Lori. “He was committed to helping everyone.”

When Norman unexpectedly died two weeks ago, the community returned the love that he spread.

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