Healthcare professionals urge people to get flu shot

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- It’s officially fall which means flu season is quickly approaching. 

Last year, before the pandemic, only about half of Americans got a flu vaccine. 

And now with COVID-19 still an active health threat, health professionals are urging people to get a flu shot.

“It’s important to get the flu shot, especially this year with everything going on. But it just protects you. It’s not 100 percent protection against the flu but it does help and if you were to actually get the flu then it would make it your ailments a little less than if you didn’t get the shot,” said Graves Gilbert registered nurse Travis Gossett.

If someone had COVID-19 and also got the flu, it could complicate things. 

“For patients to avoid any sort of complications if they were to be diagnosed with COVID-19 and to get the flu on top of that, it would be particularly hard on the body or vice versa,” said Sheldon’s pharmacist Adrianne Johnson. 

If more people were to get the flu, it would put a larger strain on the healthcare system than COVID-19 already has. 

To avoid this, healthcare workers say it’s quick and easy to get one. 

“It’s super easy, you just walk in, no appointment. And for patients that would prefer to stay in their car, we offer a curbside service. So we can bring our vaccine out to your car,” said Johnson. 

And at Graves Gilbert, they just created a drive-thru clinic to get one. 

“People that may be afraid to get out or anything, they can stay in their car. And stay safe and everything there too. We’re getting a lot of people in that way too so I think it’s helped,” said Gossett.