Gyms, funerals and weddings impacted by Beshear’s COVID-19 restrictions

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Eateries are not the only places impacted by Gov. Andy Beshear’s latest COVID-19 restrictions announced Wednesday.

Governor Beshear also stated that gyms reduce capacity to 33%.

People working out must wear a mask at all times now as well.

This is a huge hit to locally owned gyms in Bowling Green with the new year quickly approaching.

Peak season for gym memberships is in January and local gym owner, Manny Pinon, says the capacity reduction and mask mandate may slow down his business once again.

Another mandate Beshear announced Wednesday, no indoor event gatherings of more than 25 people in a room.

That includes weddings and funerals.

Many brides who have already pushed their weddings back may have to cut their guest lists way down at the last minute.

At funerals, only 25 guests can attend in total.

Watching families morn without many of their loved ones is a hard thing for Warren County Coroner Kevin Kirby to see.

All of Wednesday’s restrictions go into effect  at 5 p.m. Friday.

Even with a year of struggles, Pinon is holding a drawing to give away some turkeys for families in need.

If you would like to be entered into the drawing, text your name to 270-991-1811.