Group proposes new improvements to Edmonson County

BROWNSVILLE, Ky.- The non-profit organization Preserving Edmonson Pride hopes to make changes to beautify downtown Brownsville.

Representatives of the organization gave a presentation to Edmonson County Fiscal Court for improvements to the city. 

The presentation included big changes that would help beautify the town. 

“Our purpose is to beautify public spaces for economic development, to improve quality of life for citizens and to preserve history,” said PEP chairwoman Shaska Hines. 

Hines said they want to revitalize the city and bring back some of the energy and thriving community they used to have. 

“This town has wonderful potential,” said Hines. 

Some of the proposed redesigns include making improvements to the county courthouse, the community center and the surrounding area.

Edmonson County finance officer Amy Heath thinks this will help the area look better.

“I feel like we should take pride in our area and try to make it look as nice as we can,” said Heath. 

These improvements come after Brownsville and Edmonson County were named an official Trail Town. And there are plenty of visitors to enjoy the sights.

“Statistics show two million people visit the parks each year. We have the lake. We have the state park. We have horse camps. We have so much outdoor recreation,” said Hines.  

With so many people coming through the county, the organization’s goal is to get people to stop and stay. 

And while they say it’s a great idea to spark momentum in the city again, it will take time. 

“This is something that will take multiple years, this is not a short-term project, it’s a long-term project,” said Hines. 

PEP is actively seeking grant funding for this project and they expect it cost a couple of million dollars.