Government Shutdown Looming This Weekend

There are less than 48 hours until the government closes its doors, and not just for the holidays.  

Lawmakers say saying fears of a government shutdown are overblown, but Congress has only until midnight tomorrow to pass a new spending bill or government doors will be closed.

The latest proposal would keep the government running until January 19th. It would also include funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program through March 31st, and extend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Conservative Republicans say that’s not good enough.

Democrats are taking a stand, saying they will not vote for any spending bill that doesn’t include legal status to the so-called Dreamers, people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. 

However, Republican leaders doused those hopes this morning, which means they need to reach a deal with the conservatives.

Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking toward a shutdown.