Gov. Beshear addresses Kentucky Supreme Court decision on abortion

KENTUCKY-Governor Beshear addressed a number of topics important to the Commonwealth in today’s Team Kentucky update. 

Beshear spoke about business investments and ventures that are growing the state’s economy. The past two years have been the best for economic development. 

Beshear was asked about the Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision earlier today to keep the two state abortion restrictions in place for now. 

He said we have one of the most restrictive trigger laws in Kentucky that eliminate options for victims of incest or rape. 

“What this means is people who victimize through no fault of their own are going through the worst outcome a prospective parent could have, and have no options. I think it’s wrong. I think there needs to be changes made to it,” said Beshear. 

Beshear also addressed the severe weather happening across the state and encouraged Kentuckians to stay weather alert.