GO bg Transit closes two routes due to staffing shortage

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Many people in Bowling Green rely on public transportation, to get them to the places that they need, but on Friday two of those routes were shut down.

“It’s the only way I get around, I really can’t afford to take a cab everywhere,” said passenger Judy Bauer. 

Due to staffing levels being low, GO bg Transit closed Routes One and Two. There are six total routes but during the pandemic they were only serving five of them. The transit organization posted to social media on Thursday night that the team was working diligently to ensure they provide service to the community, and to get the routes back as soon as possible. 

“Unfortunately there’s gonna be an inconvenience to some folks, we’re trying to ensure that we keep the main routes open, so if you need to get to the hospital of course we want to get you there. We want to get you to work or shopping. Some of those main lines are open and we’re open to taking calls, questions and concerns so we can provide safe, friendly, and reliable transportation,” said transmit manager Robert Gil. 

For some, the bus is the way they get to things that their life depends on, such as the grocery store or doctor appointments. 

“It’s the only way I can get to the store and to the doctor, so I’m very happy to take the bus,” said Bauer. 

Luckily, Bauer was able to use one of the open routes to get to her appointments. For more information you can visit their website here