Glasgow Police Department opens new substation

GLASGOW, Ky. – The Glasgow Police Department has opened a new substation to better serve the community.

It’s located on Park Avenue, which serves the opposite side of town compared to where the main station is.

This comes after several complaints that it was not easy to get to the main station from this area, so they decided to open up a new station.

“Hopefully that will bring a better interaction between us and the community. That way folks that live in this area, if they have some kind of complaint and can’t make it all the way across town to our main location. They’re more than welcome to stop by here at any given time, any time they see a police cruiser here, come and file a complaint and speak to an officer,” Major Terry Flatt with Glasgow PD says.

They also want to give kids the opportunity to see the police cruisers up close and take pictures with officers at this new location as well.