Giving Thanks: 4-year-old overcomes cancer

At 20 months old Cheyenne Stocks was diagnosed with cancer in her central nervous system. Three years later, her scans are coming back clean.

(NBC News) OREGON CITY, Ore. – It is the season of giving and for some that means giving thanks.

The Stocks family in Oregon City, Oregon has plenty to be thankful for.

In December 2016, Christina Stocks started noticing little changes in the way her 20-month-old daughter Cheyenne walked. She was walking around, but needed to hold onto walls, chairs or whatever was around to keep her balance. Her mom took her to the pediatrician to get a checkup and was immediately referred to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to get checked out further.

Two days later, Cheyenne underwent an MRI exam and then waited for the results.

“We had this whole team of doctors that came in and she wasn’t even back yet. So right then I knew. I knew it wasn’t good,” said Christina Stocks, Cheyenne’s mom.

Doctors performed surgery on her back and removed a portion of a tumor attacking her central nervous system. Tests confirmed it was cancerous.

“It’s Anaplastic Ependymoma. So it’s considered a fast-growing tumor. Out of the different types of ependymomas it’s the more aggressive of them,” Christina said.

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