Georgia Nitrogen Leak Leaves Six Dead

A ruptured line inside a Foundation Food Group processing plant killed six workers and injured several more. WXIA's Jon Shirek reports.

(WXIA/NBC News) — Six people are dead and several more injured after a nitrogen leak inside a Georgia food processing plant.

Five men and one woman were killed when a line ruptured inside the Foundation Food Group facility in Gainesville Thursday afternoon.

Officials have released recordings of 911 calls received from the plant.

The calls, which were first reported to dispatchers as liquid nitrogen burns to an employee, clearly indicated that something more was happening.

In the first call, a person who identified himself as Zach Hoover, the plant’s director, told the dispatcher who answered that he needed an ambulance at the plant.

Hoover said he had received a telephone call from an employee in another part of the plant who said a person could be “frozen from liquid nitrogen.”

“I got a phone call from one of my employees saying that I’ve got a person who potentially could be frozen from liquid nitrogen,” Hoover said.

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