Fruit of the Loom furloughs more than 500 employees

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One of the county’s oldest employers, Fruit of the Loom, announced in a letter to the Kentucky Division of Workforce and Employment Services, that the company will furlough 541 employees as of Sunday.

The furloughs, which affect employees at the brand store and the campuses at One Fruit of the Loom Drive and 675 Hennessy Way,  are expected to be temporary and not last more than six months, according to a letter from Terri Wiethorn, the company’s chief human resources officer, to the state’s Rapid Response Team.

“We are taking these actions because of the COVID-19 pandemic and national emergency, restrictions mandated by state authorities and COVID-19-related business circumstances that were not reasonably foreseeable,” the letter reads.

During the furlough, employees will remain eligible to participate in the company’s benefit plans. However, the employees will not earn pay during the furlough period.

“These furloughs will continue until further notice to employees but are intended to be temporary and last less than six months,” the letter reads.