Franklin-Simpson Parks & Rec show off new trail with reading pedestals!

FRANKLIN, Ky.-Franklin-Simpson Parks and Recreation is announcing their new pedestrian/bicycle only area!

The half mile paved walking trail offers a unique fitness experience with new story walk pedestals. In each pedestal is one to two pages of a book to read along while you walk. 

The path is level too, and very accessible for those with strollers or the elderly. 

Currently in other places of the park, you have to walk on the road, so this means a lot to the community. 

“The response has been phenomenal. I came out on Saturday which was a beautiful day to be in the park and there were over 30 people down here at one time just enjoying that short segment without the worry of a car,” said Director Lisa Deaver.

They’re planning on changing the stories based on themes. Right now it’s a book about recycling for Earth Day coming up next month. 

The story pedestals are in partnership with the Park System, Simpson County 4H and Franklin Simpson Excellence in Education Foundation.