Flags For Kids Committee place American flags throughout local neighborhoods

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Throughout some local neighborhoods, American flags are flying in the wind. These flags were placed in front of homes by the Rotary Flags for Kids Committee. Their goal is to spread patriotism through the community, as well as raise money for local children’s charities.

“It really made me proud quite frankly. I think the main thing is the enthusiasm my fellow Rotarians have shown when this program first started, up until today. It’s just amazing to us how it’s grown,” said chair of the Rotary Flags for Kids Committee Dan Cherry.

The Rotarians traveled through the Mt. Ayr neighborhood and placed flags in marked spots, which is something the committee does on every patriotic holiday. Members like Travis Keller said it feels great to see the flags throughout the community.

“We’re so thankful to be able to offer the residents of bowling green an opportunity to show their patriotism not just during Memorial Day, but during all the flag holidays throughout the year,” Keller said.

While the coronavirus pandemic has put a stop on Memorial Day services involving large gatherings, members say seeing the flags is a reminder that the nation will pull through.

“To go around and see so many American flags in front of people’s homes really reminds us of our roots and reminds us that it’s great to be an American,” Keller said.

Cherry said he, along with the committee, looks forward to helping these children’s charities, as the star-spangled banners shine and flow through Bowling Green.

“The top off is when the money that we’re able to raise with this program, when we make a contribution to a local charity that benefits children,” Cherry said.

The next patriotic holiday where these flags will be distributed will be Flag Day on June 14.