First students graduate from U.K. College of Medicine – BG Campus

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The first class of the U.K. College of Medicine-Bowling Green campus students are graduating this year!

The campus was created four years ago. Bowling Green is one of four campuses for the U.K. College of Medicine. 

They take 30 students per year, with 120 students total. Each student spends two years mostly in classes, one year in clinical rotations and their last year focusing on what medical division they want to go into. 

One of the reasons they created a campus here is because doctors recognized the need for more physicians in South Central and Western Kentucky. The campus partners with the University of Kentucky, Med Center Health and Western Kentucky University to teach the medical students. 

“You know there needs to be more doctors here, there needs to be more facilities. So I think that was a huge mission for this campus, being here is kinda bringing doctors to areas of Kentucky that need it,” said graduating student Emily Fryman. 

“They came here truly when there was no building, so they came here on faith and trusted us that we were going to have a beautiful place for them to train and get state of the art medical education. So I’m just so proud of everything they’ve accomplished,” said Associate Dean Dr. Todd Cheever. 

Thursday was actually their last day of classes. The four campuses will graduate together at the main university in Lexington on May 14th.