Federal drug money helps task force fight mid and upper level dealers

Russellville, Ky. – After a second south central Kentucky drug task force was recently designated as a high intensity drug trafficking areas, the director of that task force is speaking out on what that now means for the fight against illegal drugs.

Jacky Hunt, the director of the South-Central Kentucky Drug Task Force, excited to accept the Appalachia
HIDTA designation after three years of applying.

Both Logan and Simpson counties have now been given the high intensity drug trafficking area designation. Both counties border Tennessee.

The task force, which handles cases in those area, will now receive federal dollars that will allow Hunt to pay his detectives overtime and investigate mid and upper level dealers.

Hunt says many drugs in Logan and Simpson counties often come from cartel-controlled sources in Mexico.

With the recent designation, Hunt and his detectives can now work closely with other law enforcement agencies in other designated areas around the country.