Family resource youth services centers remain open while students are away

EDMONTON Ky.- While students are away, they’re getting food, and class time through non-traditional instruction. When there’s still needs to be met, districts such as the Metcalfe County School District have kept their family resource youth services centers open to ensure that everyone has what they need.

“I’m making sure that the kids get their backpack food, teachers have requested that some need school supplies, so we’re giving those out as well via the buses that deliver the meals daily,” said Metcalfe County Elementary family resource center coordinator Patty Bunch.

School supplies are just one service provided. The services centers also have clothing of all sizes, travel gear and health items. With the current situation, youth services coordinator with Metcalfe County Middle and High school Judy Thompson said it’s essential for the operation to stay open.

“The families and students rely on us a lot for needs. They want to know that we’re here. For whatever they might need from us, we try to be here for them,” Thompson said.

The items are supplied by donations, and there’s no cost to the students or families. The goal is to make sure no one is prevented from having what they need.

“Our main goal is to break down barriers in student’s education. If they don’t have food, clothing, and school supplies, that’s a barrier to their learning. We try to break down all barriers,” Bunch said.

At the end of the day, items as small as pencils or glue may not have much value in themselves, but Thompson said the true value is the feeling of knowing that even the smallest of items made a difference.

“Anytime that you can help somebody in need, it just makes you feel good all over. We really enjoy doing that for the families and kids,” Thompson said.

The youth services centers are always taking donations of items like clothing, school supplies and various health items.