Essential workers provide life sustaining services during pandemic

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – When we think of people working on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic, we might think of first responders and health care workers. 

But there’s other people right under our noses who are working to make sure residents get their essentials here in Bowling Green. 

Pharmacies have never shut down during the pandemic allowing people to get their prescriptions, over the counter medicine and medical supplies. Ely Drugs of Bowling Green has made it as safe and accessible as possible for customers, with free delivery, contact-less options and even antibody testing. 

Travis Hudnall, pharmacist and owner of Ely Drugs of Bowling Green, wants to do everything he can to help things be as safe and normal as possible even though that means he could potentially be exposed to the virus and other illnesses while working with the public.

“You know we’re here for patients, we’re here for our community, we’re here for the businesses in this area any way we can do to help. Part of it it’s what we signed up for and that’s what we love doing. Our staff has been awesome, never backed down or anything from the get go,” said Hudnall.  

Another essential business in Bowling Green that has remained open during this time is family-owned BP Fastrac convenience store and gas station. The store put new measures in place to keep customers safe, like mask and glove changes, social distancing and plastic shields at registers. 

Cashier Disha Patel said her family’s store being open has created a safe haven for regulars and new customers during this time. 

“We’re open. We’re a life sustaining business and we’re open for our customers. So with the risk or not, we’re here every day just for them. And that’s what puts us through our day, that’s what gets us through our day,” said Patel.