Educators try to normalize students’ lives during COVID-19 separation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. Reading to elementary students is a common practice at schools like Rockfield Elementary in Warren County.

Even with the children away from classrooms, the pages are still turning through the Rockfield Read Alouds program.

The live Facebook broadcast program was started in order to keep the lives of the students as normal as possible during a time where nothing seems normal.

It was started by Rockfield Elementary’s primary reading interventionist Katie Schuknecht.

“Rockfield is very much one big family. The kids are finding ways to connect with their homeroom teachers. This was a way for all of us to interact. The students are able to see each other. It helps us build those relationships and foster a love of reading,” Schuknecht said.

School counselor Carla Scott said keeping normalcy in life is crucial, for both students and staff.

“It’s good for us because we get to see our kiddos, but it’s also good for our kids because they get to see our faces and see that we’re well too. That helps to bring some calm during this time,” Scott said.

From reading to music, students are also having some fun through a rendition of the Masked Singer.

Teachers and staff sing songs while disguised, and students at home get to guess who it is, and vote on who their favorite.

Music teacher Matt Bryant said having fun also gives the children a chance to make a dire situation a little brighter.

“I think it’s really awesome, especially with the response that we’ve had from our faculty and staff and families at home. It’s a really good feeling to know that we’re all working together to stay connected at this time,” Bryant said.

While the activities are meant to be fun, they’re also meant to keep everyone calm.

“It’s good to keep some consistency. One, it makes it easier for them to transition back when we do come back. Also, seeing the familiar faces gives the students some sense of calm. For all of the staff, it does that as well,” Scott said.