Educators learn how to manage classroom violence

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Anger and anxiety in the classroom can lead to violence. For educators, there’s a solution.

In a workshop held by author and educational consultant Dr. Ruby Payne, hundreds of educators from all over the region gathered to learn more about brain regulation in students and tools that educators can use to address issues. Payne talked about a big reason that classroom violence can occur.

“One of the things I do know is that increasingly, schools are getting more and more emotional issues and they’re trying to address them as disciplinary issues and it’s not working. So, we’re looking at emotional origins, and how you begin to make interventions as you change the outcome,” Payne said.

From tips on how to communicate with students, to how to keep students calm, several attending educators said this experience was an eye opener for them.

“Sometimes we have to look at things through a different set of eyes as educators. The biggest thing that we’ve learned today is that one size doesn’t fit all for every discipline issue,” said school safety coordinator of the Adair County Board of Education Robbie Harmon.

As the biggest lesson of all, Green River Regional Educational Cooperative project director Kellie Thompson said educators need to keep in mind that all help starts with emotional support.