Dining out in Morgantown might soon include a 3% tax

MORGANTOWN Ky. – Charles Black City Park is a popular spot in the city of Morgantown, meaning it’s had its fair share of wear and tear over the years. The city is looking to upgrade it by proposing a restaurant tax.

Morgantown Mayor Billy Phelps emphasized that the park needs a facelift.

“Over the time of 30 plus years, it has just went downhill. There were parts of it we couldn’t do, and the city went through a hard time where it couldn’t afford it. Here we are now. It’s come time to pay the piper so to speak,” Phelps said.

On Aug.  8, the Morgantown City Council passed the first reading on the tax proposal. The vote ended up being four to two, with four being in favor. The tax would be 3%, meaning a $20 meal would have $0.60 added.

“I see where it may affect some people. With growth and progression, somebody’s got to pay for it,” Phelps said.

Owner of Morgantown’s Firehouse Pizza Eric Sublett is not in favor. In fact, he said it will hurt not only businesses, but also big families where every scent counts.

“We definitely want growth, we just believe this is the wrong approach for growth for our community due to the facts of hardships that we’d have to endure. People eat every day,” Sublett said.

Cent by cent, Sublett said this change will eat away at local businesses.

“The impact will be felt not over the short term but over the long term. You take a family of four that eats out five meals a week. You add 3% to that, it changes the number quite a lot, Sublett said.

Only time will tell if the tax is imposed, and good or bad, it’ll affect everyone who eats out.

“It may be a positive thing for our community. It’ll affect every single person living in this community. I really regret the fact that most people living in this community around have no clue that this is going on,” Sublett said.