Earth Day rally held to highlight environmental struggle

BOWLING GREEN,  Ky.-An Earth day event took place Thursday night to bring attention to an environmental struggle. A rally starting at Western Kentucky University had attendees gather with signs, all to send a message.

“This night is about protecting our planet. We have one planet, and right now, we’re facing an existential crisis,” said attendee Dakota Compton.

The rally was held by a group called the Sunrise Movement, bringing attention to the Green New Deal, as well as to make sure voices were heard. The attendees marched from WKU to the Warren County Justice Center, where several spoke on why this night is important to them.

“To just be better people. To ourselves and the earth. Honoring that relationship that we have and seeing how we can work together to lead a sustainable environment and sustainable lives,” said Sunrise Movement member Deinara Carter.

Attendees also explained the significance of earth day as a whole.

“It was a call to action for America and the whole world. It’s really important that we remember that,” said Sunrise Movement member Rachael Fantasia.

Another point of emphasis was time, and that there’s not much of it left to make a change, which is why attendees say everyone needs to act fast to prevent any further environmental catastrophes.

“We need to make sure that we have protection for when those happen again. They’re going to just continue, and we need protection for people and the planet,” Fantasia said.

A night to send a message to the community, and decision making officials, as attendees look back on the support they are getting.

“It’s great that people are joining in on the conversation, are willing to join in, and want to know what they can do to help. It’s saving our own lives,” Carter said.