Dueling Grounds Distillery making hand sanitizer in response to COVID-19

FRANKLIN, Ky. – A local distillery switching gears from brewing bourbon to making sanitizer during the pandemic.

Dueling Grounds Distillery in Franklin is now making gallons and quarts of hand sanitizer.

The gallon jugs will solely be for first responders, medical personnel, and other groups who need large volumes.

The quart jugs will be available to the general public.

Marc Dottore, the owner of Dueling Grounds, said, “we really just want people to buy one or two, what you need for seven to ten days because we are going to keep this rolling as long as we have to. So, it’ll be available. You won’t need to come in and buy a whole bunch of it. It’ll be here. You can come and get it.”

The quarts will be available next week for $10 and the gallons are already available for $30.