Dr. Shadown’s legacy instills ‘desire for excellence’ in healthcare

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Healthcare leaders are remembering the late Dr. Rebecca Shadowen after her death from COVID-19 earlier this week. 

Shadowen passed away after a four-month battle with the disease. 

Dennis Chaney, vice president of Ancillary Services at Med Center Health, was a co-worker of Shadowen’s. Chaney says that her death leaves a gaping hole in the community, as she was a great asset to the healthcare field. 

He said she had a strong desire to constantly be learning and researching and to share that knowledge with others. 

“I know that she also poured into us that same desire for excellence. And so when you think about moving forward, her legacy has instilled in us the desire to give our best, to always do our best and to help our fellow man,” said Chaney. 

Chaney said her work from all the way back in the 1980s on HIV, the virus that causes AIDS to her recent work on coronavirus will live on for decades to come.