Doolin family seeks quicker justice

Justice delayed.

Two and a half years after seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin was sexually assaulted and killed in a field near Allen-County Scottsville High School while her older brother Alec played in a youth league football game her family is still waiting on justice for Gabbi.

While nothing can truly prepare Gabbi’s parents, Brian and Amy Doolin, to hear the grisly details of their daughter’s last moments, the family was ready to move forward with a trial that had been scheduled for July.

(Photo: Amber Gardner-Rojas, WNKY)

In what the Doolin family feels is a gut-wrenching setback, Tuesday, during a hearing in Allen Circuit Court, the Bowling Green attorney who had been representing the Scottsville man accused of killing little Gabbi, was disqualified from the case.

Amy Doolin walked out of the courtroom stunned and angered by the delayed justice for her only little girl.

“After two and a half years of court proceedings and pre-trial conferences and hearings to hear there’s not going to be a trial in July was like a sledgehammer to the gut,” Amy Doolin said. “I think this was one of the hardest blows because we are ready for this part of our pain and anguish to be behind us.”

Gabbi’s official cause of death was strangulation and drowning, according to her death certificate.

Timothy Madden, of Scottsville, who is facing the death penalty in the case, is charged with kidnapping-victim death, first-degree rape – victim under 12 years old, first-degree sodomy – victim under 12 years old and murder. A July jury trial has now been postponed to allow for Madden’s new attorneys with the Department of Public Advocacy to get up to speed on the case.

(Photo: Amber Gardner-Rojas, WNKY)

“All of the court proceedings for the last two and half years have been a waste,” Doolin said. “The commonwealth has been ready to go to trial since last year.”

“We were told on the beginning, you know, probably we were looking at two years,” she said. “OK, you know, we know we’ve gotta face two years. But the way everything has played out, has to us, been beyond ridiculous,” she said.

Wednesday, Doolin started a petition drive on Facebook to garner support for a Gabby Doolin Bill to help ensure and protect the rights of crime victims in the legal process, something she feels is lacking.

“We felt like for two and half years we really haven’t had any rights or say so. That really, really hit home with the delay that was thrown at us. Right after court I just really, really got to thinking there’s got to be something that can be done…,” she said.

The bill won’t help the Doolin family see swift justice but she hopes it will help prevent other families from “unreasonable” delays in court cases, Doolin said.

For more information about the proposed bill go to this link.

“Gabbi is not here,” Doolin said. “She doesn’t have a voice.”

(Photo: Amber Gardner-Rojas, WNKY)