Doctor visits local shelter

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At local shelter program Room in The Inn, a non-profit organization
helps the homeless population with medical care.

Hotel Inc. is a non-profit that focuses on building a community where everyone has equal
opportunity to succeed. The organization helps with things such as housing, health care and
food security etc. for those in need. Pre-covid, Hotel Inc. enlisted doctors and nurses to go out
into the community and visit encampments where homeless people would usually set up and
provide medical assistance. After the pandemic hit, regular routines changed.

Hotel Inc. has partnered with Room in The Inn to provide sheltered care to those in need of
things such as wound dressing and other treatable ailments. News 40 interviewed Dr. Humble,
who provides medical care to homeless individuals twice a month through Hotel Inc.

Humble told News 40 that the biggest difficulty in street medicine is finding those in need, being
that they move constantly and are “kicked off property” often. Humble said by working with
Room in The Inn, they can provide more effectively and privately in the facility’s spare room.

Humble said that they still go out into encampments bi-weekly, but working with Room in The
Inn is convenient due to it being a drop off facility where individuals can come in to wash
clothes, shower and get some type of food provided. Humble added at the end of his interview
that they would like to get more people involved and encouraged anyone willing to volunteer to
get in contact via website at