Discounted spays/neuters offered at BGWCHS

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- If you need to get your cat or dog neutered or spayed, this is the time. 

The Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society is running a discounted special to get cats, pit-bulls, or pit-bull mixes spayed or neutered for only $10.

The Humane Society received a grant through the Petco foundation that made these discounted prices possible. 

Kaley Burden, adoption counselor, said it’s extremely important to get pets spayed or neutered. If not, it can cause unwanted litters and more animals without a home that end up on the Humane Society’s doorstep. 

“We’re hoping that this gives people the opportunity for people to spay and neuter their animals, who have wanted to but for financial reasons have not been able to before. We’re here to help anyone that needs help. We’re always offering low cost spay neuter even when we’re not running this special. So if you have an animal that needs to be spayed or neutered and you need help doing so, definitely stop by and we can help you out,” said Burden. 

In addition to the service, a rabies shot is included in the $10 price for free. They will honor this price until the funds from the grant run out.