Demolition permits required for structure tear downs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The City of Bowling Green wants to emphasize that demolition permits are required for tearing down storm-damaged structures.

Permits help city officials to ensure the contractors working here have the proper qualifications to perform the work. This keeps everyone, including you, safe.

City-county contractors are removing only the debris generated by the storm. They will not remove other debris. For example, when more than one wall of a structure remains standing, the debris generated from tearing down the remnants of the structure are considered demolition debris and must be removed and properly disposed of by the contractor.

The property owner must use insurance money or other funds to cover the costs of demolition debris removal.  Property owners who are uninsured or underinsured should reach out to FEMA for assistance and guidance. The City is documenting where crews find demolition debris at rights of way and crews will not pick up debris from the demolition activities of contractors.