Daughter visits her mother through the window of a senior living facility

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – During a time of closures and social distancing, many families are visiting their loved ones via video chat, phone calls, text messaging and through windows.

Rita and Andee Rudloff are a mother and daughter doing just that.

“Right now my head is spinning on the days. I couldn’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I have not been able to give her a hug in almost a week, and I feel it,” said Andee.

Rita lives at Charter Senior Living where her daughter Andee comes to see her each day.

It has been about a week since Andee has been able to hug her mother, since nursing homes in the state are not allowing visitors for the safety of their residents.

But, that doesn’t stop the mother/daughter duo from giggling and showing their paintings each day.

“There are people who are going about it in a different way and that is okay, but for me, my mom being a two-time cancer survivor, I have to err on the side of caution. Especially after everything I do working around so many people. It’s just really a tense time,” said Andee.

“I feel wanted. I feel Andee laughs more than anybody else because of what I do, and I’m crazy. But I make everybody laugh. And, I think that is good,” said Rita.

Charter Senior Living also has computers set up and staff will teach residents how to video chat family members if they want to.