Cyber Safe Teen 3-day program helps keep kids safe online

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Cyber Safe Teen has partnered with ISTT and Bowling Green and Warren County Schools to create a program to help keep their kids safe online. 

Mike Lemon, founder of Cyber Safe Teen said he knows parents are busy, so he wanted to make it as simple as possible. People can sign up for the text-based program, called the Three Day Challenge, online. They will then receive three informational videos to watch. 

With some kids doing virtual learning, students are spending even more time online and on devices. 

Lemon says internet crimes against children are up two fold. 

“We get a lot of statements from parents that are ‘I trust my kid.’ And you should trust your kid. But you should also trust predators to be predators. Because the more they stay online, the more likely they are to come across people who really have ill will towards them and are wanting to do some very bad things,” said Lemon. 

“There hasn’t been a level of expectations set from parents to kids of what’s appropriate online and what’s not. When should you come tell us whether there’s something that’s bothering you online. They have no way of knowing,” said ISTT president David Mantlo. 

To sign up for the Three Day Challenge program you can visit their website.