Curbside Concert Brings Joy To Seniors

Trumpeter Chuck Par-Due serenades residents at a Vancouver, Washington senior living facility to break the boredom of COVID-19 imposed isolation. KGW's Jon Goodwin reports.

VANCOUVER, Wash. (NBC News) — Shirley Hofmeister and her husband Jerry are two of about 400 residents at Vancouver, Washington’s Glenwood Place Senior Living that have been forced to postpone family visits and community gatherings within the complex due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because we’re in isolation, I haven’t been able to see so many of these friends that I’ve missed so much,” she says.

Things like game nights and live music at the facility are on hold for now, until the curve of COVID-19 flattens out and trails off.

But days can still be special. On Thursday, the management got creative to ensure positivity isn’t the only thing echoing off the buildings.

“I never realized how important it was to me to be able to take my music to those folks,” says trumpeter Chuck Par-Due.

He’s used to playing at places like this, but not in this way.

With the sunshine pouring down, Chuck brought his trumpet to play and take requests for about 90 minutes…from the parking lot as residents watched from their balconies, or at a safe distance on the ground.

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