Coyote mating season begins: Fido beware

Jan & Feb coyotes more territorial & deadly

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Barren River Animal Welfare Association is warning pet owners that we are entering into peak coyote breeding season. 

Dog owners, this means coyotes pose a larger threat than normal to your furry friends throughout January and February.

Kentucky Fish & Wildlife says coyote attacks are an issue statewide. 

KY Fish & Wildlife Furbearer Biologist Laura Palmer said, “This is a time when coyotes can become more territorial towards dogs so it’s important to either keep dogs maintained in your yard or on a leash. Definitely don’t encourage them to chase coyotes away.”

Palmer says feedings are the number one cause of coyote attacks. She warns dog owners not to leave food laying around in their yards.

She also tells owners not to let your dogs out to use the bathroom alone this wintertime, especially at nighttime when attacks happen the most.

Click here for Kentucky Fish & Wildlife’s full instructions on what you should do if you see a coyote.