COVID causes lack of storage space for bodies at the coroner’s office

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Warren County Coroner Kevin Kirby said due to COVID, hospitals are running out of room to properly store the bodies of the deceased.

This lack of space is due to the spike in COVID-19 caused by the Delta variant which has also caused local funeral homes to run out of refrigeration room as well. 

Friday morning, the county decided they will put out bids for a portable trailer to temporarily store deceased bodies in cases like Covid upticks or future disasters.  

Kirby said he hopes in the next week or so, they will have a trailer for this problem that he hopes they will never have to use down the line. 

“We looked at it when we had our other surge back in the spring, and after it went over, we left it alone,” said Kirby. “But, I think in a case of a mass disaster, or something like that, it’s something that is very much needed in the county. And, we don’t have to depend on finding one at the moment. We’ll have one readily available like a lot of our emergency equipment we have now.”