COVID-19 is impacting Thanksgiving plans

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – People in Bowling Green are preparing for a Thanksgiving holiday that may look a little different than normal for a lot of people.

COVID is changing a lot in our everyday lives, and the holidays are impacted just the same.

Governor Andy Beshear and the Centers for Disease Control have released some Thanksgiving suggestions to keep people healthy.

Beshear recommends the public avoid gatherings with people outside of your home, and asks people to wear a mask, social distance, and, if you must have a gathering, have it outdoors.

Some locals residents, like Andee Rudloff and Robin Cooley said this year they are being extra careful.

“My mom is a brain cancer survivor and has actually been through a couple of surgeries this year so it is very important for her to stay safe at home and so we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on her patio. I will bring over a few dishes,” said Rudloff.

“It is going to be very different but given the time and given that I have buried family members from COVID, I understand. We’ve had plenty of together time so we should be able to understand that this is the season to be safe,” said Cooley.

WNKY held a Twitter poll online and found that about 44% of people are gathering as usual while 56% are changing things up because of the virus. The poll is not a scientific study.

Most local residents who spoke to WNKY on camera are attending small gatherings this year rather than their normal holiday routine.

It is also recommended that food is not served buffet style in order to remain as sanitary as possible.

Experts also say getting tested before you gather is not a fool-proof way to avoid spreading the virus.