Couple dead after murder-suicide in Warren County


We have new updates on a Bowling Green murder-suicide. Warren County sheriff’s office responded to a murder suicide this Sunday morning. 60-year-old Norman D. Johnson Senior called authorities around 2:30 in the morning on Sunday. He told 911 that he just shot his wife, 43-year-old Kimberly A. Johnson, according to the WCSO.

When law enforcement arrived at their home on Adalynn Circle, they found both Norman and Kimberly dead, according to the WCSO.

According to Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower, Norman died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“These situations are extremely rare,” Hightower said. “There’s been a lot of stressors in the last few years. People probably just feel under pressure in a lot of ways. And so I think it’s always important that if you can understand yourself and the stressors of that to always walk away, seek friends, seek professional guidance and try to defuse things at times before something terrible could potentially happen.”

Neighbor Scott Maxwell has known the couple ever since he moved in over a year ago.

“Never a problem,” he recalled of the Johnson family. “We always talk to each other all the time. Never would have expected anything like this kind of thing, so this just blew me away when I heard about it.”

Maxwell recalled all the times he and Norman would talk about the pandemic or work.

“Very nice, unassuming, quiet people. Always really friendly to me and we got along really well,” he recalled.

A murder-suicide was the last thing he expected to wake up to.

“The street was full of flashing lights and at that point, right after that, I saw them put caution tape up,” he said. “I immediately thought at that point something bad had happened, and then a couple minutes later corner van came up.”

Sheriff Hightower said Norman had no domestic violence reports before this incident.

News 40 will keep you updated with more details as they come.