Coronavirus deaths overwhelm morgue

The Nueces County Medical Examiners Office says they've run out of room and requested a portable storage facility from FEMA due to a spike in COVID-19 deaths. KRIS' Ashley Portillo reports.

(NBC News) — Coronavirus deaths have pushed at least one Texas morgue to capacity.

The Nueces County Medical Examiner’s office is no longer taking in bodies of those who have died from COVID-19.

Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales says because of the unexpected spike in COVID-19 related deaths, room is running out.

They’re now asking funeral homes and FEMA to help with storage.

“So what happens when you die at home and you were COVID-19 positive? The funeral homes being able to take that duty on is very welcoming,” she said. “I would imagine the funeral homes will be playing a big role in the upcoming weeks.”

Nueces County currently has one morgue trailer, but Canales also is asking FEMA for another trailer, along with supplies and technology to keep it up-and-running.

“Our medical examiner, out of an abundance of caution, wants to make sure we have an array of everything that we need,” Canales said.

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